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Dear Sergeant Rico,

How’s life in the Roughnecks? Seen anything interesting out hunting bugs?



Dear Andrew,

Sorry about that…I guess I should have written Lt. Cooter instead. We just came back from fighting over the friggin’ desert. While I was watching my video screen there was this gigantic flying thing on the horizon headed our way. I thought it was the Garm, the flying bugs who were taking over the world, but then it became real clear it was an actual flying saucer. We spent the next hour or so firing everything we had at the thing and didn’t scratch the paint on it. Meanwhile, the one we could have used was the one that got away. The son of a bitch lit up our ship and knocked all of the pilots out. By the time I got the ship back to full power and could get up in the air, the friggin’ thing was gone and all our guys were running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

I don’t know what those bugs are doing with those flying saucers, but it can’t be good.

Anyway, life is just another day in the Roughnecks. Got your letter. I haven’t written your mother but I will if you tell me to.


Sgt. Rico