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Dear Alfred Hitchcock,

How would you compare Christopher Nolan’s film Interstellar to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001?

Thank you,

Andrew Mayne

Dear Andrew,

I believe your question is a very good one and I shall be happy to attempt an answer for you.

Stanley Kubrick’s version of “2001” was an extension of Arthur C. Clark’s original concept of the same name, and I have always felt that Mr. Kubrick was justified in adding the material that he did to the basic premise.

In order to fully answer your question regarding “Interstellar”, I must say that I have not yet had the opportunity to see it. I am looking forward to doing so.

My impression, as well as that of others with whom I have spoken who have seen it, is that it presents a much less optimistic view of man’s future than either “2001” or “2010”.

It has been reported to me that it shows man’s descendants existing in an extremely grim environment on an Earth that is suffering the final stages of a dying civilization.

I find it interesting that it is “Christopher Nolan” who is credited with this interpretation, since I feel that his version of “The Prestige” is a very optimistic one. In that film, the protagonist is able to overcome an obstacle that had prevented him from fulfilling his greatest ambition for many years, and at the end of the story it is shown that he is able to live a much happier life as a consequence.

In any case, I have seen very little of “Interstellar” and will not be in a position to make a valid judgment about its content until I have seen it entirely.


Alfred Hitchcock